Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Styling Your Hair In The Summer

* Get a cut - Hair are usually left longer and bulkier. Humidity sneaks back into the atmosphere, it cause hair to fluff up. To counteract that pouf, you don't have to do anything drastic unless you want to. Simply ask your stylist to give you a hair few layers or remove a little weight. This time you need a professional haircut.

* Remove build up - Styling product crud can make your hair dull, greasy or flat. If you've let your hair get a little too long you may need a products to keep it under control. The best advice is to use good shampoo once or twice a week follow it with conditioner. On the days you're not clarifying suds up with moisturizing shampoo.

* Re-moisturize - Freezing cold temps and biting winds can leave your scalp flaky and your strands dry and brittle. Leave-in conditioners ate great everyday tress-soothers but they tend to absorbed by the hair before they get to the scalp. For serious hair and scalp repair use once a week deep conditioning treatment or moisturizing hair mask.

* Boost Shine - Shine is phenomenon that occurs when your hair;s cuticle ( its outer most layer ) lies flat and reflects light. But cold weather, excessive brushing and chemical treatments can rough up the cuticle causing it to peel and scatter light so you get less shine. When hair is dry rub a few drops of a silicone based serum from roots to ends temporarily flattening the cuticle.

* Seal glossiness - Silicone evaporates quickly often leaving you sans shine by lunchtime. To enhance shine staying power, mix serum with longer lasting gel. Combine the two in your palms then rub over your hair surface. For week long shine fix the day after you clarify apply a hot oil treatment before you suds ups, leave it on for one minute, then shampoo.

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Joe-ann said...

I think I should be doing some of your tips here this summer. I hate my hair nowadays.thanks for the tip.

been following your blog for quite sometime now,hope we can exchange links.thanks.


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