Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seven Days Of Self Confidence

Give yourself an ego boost everyday of the week.

* Monday - Dig up a memento from a day you were really proud like your photo from your college graduation, matches for the restaurant where your husband took you after your last promotion.

* Tuesday - Go through your closet and give unflattering outfits to charity.

* Wednesday - Buy flowers for a friend or office mates. This simple gesture will give you a more beautiful office, a more cheerful office mate and the self esteem that comes from doing a nice thing.

* Thursday - Flip through your address book and call your three most supportive, inspiring pals, just to say how much you value their friendship.

* Friday - Pad your to do list with easy, fun items such as "Finish off chocolate cake in the fridge" and "Take a scenic route today." Not only will your day be more fun but you'll feel good as you look at all the items crossed off your list.

* Saturday - Sport a tank top with encouraging message try "I am my own hero" or "I have really got it together."

* Sunday - Use amber of soft pink light bulbs in every room in your house. They'll make your skin glow.

1 comment:

iasa said...

I'll have to give that a try. I quite like the idea of pink lights in the house.

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