Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pregnant Need To Know

If you are pregnant you need to be watchful what you eat. Steer clear of eating french fries and potato chips while you are expecting or nursing. New research shows that acrylamide, a cancer causing chemical formed when starches such as potatoes are cooked at a high temperatures easily passes from mom through her blood or breast milk to her baby. While acrylamide, caner connection has been definitely proven only in animals, scientist believe that habitually snacking on chips and fries can make your fetus or baby if your nursing more apt to develop cancer later in life.


shydub said...

Thanks for the info, yeah the doctor adviced me though about foods that need to be avoided when you are pregnant but man!! alam mo na, kung ano ang bawal yan ang masarap hehehe

Maus said...

thanks for info...
now i know...but i ate already hehehe ...ooooooooooohhhh

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