Friday, June 19, 2009

Ideas For Your Garage Or Yard Sale

When spring started and summer time a lot of people doing a garage sale. It will helps a little bit for a spending money. You can ask your teens to organize and work the event and let them keep most of the earnings.

* One month before the sale - Gather inventory
- The kids should clean their rooms and make two piles, things they haven't used but they think they will. Go through the second pile. If you have specific idea of when an item will be needed, keep it until next year. Otherwise its getting a price tag.

* A week before the sale - Research and advertise
- Spend a morning visiting other garage or yard sale in your neighborhood to get an idea of the prices or compare your prices to them. The kids can make signs on neon poster board with directions and time. Make it sure that it is easy to find your house from where the sign is posted. You may even want to advertise in your local newspaper. List some desirable items you plan tp sell, like furniture or garden tools.

* Two days before the garage or yard sale - Price and prepare
- Wash everything thoroughly especially kitchenware and clothes. Objects sell for more if they look clean and neat. Buy small adhesive stickers from an office supply store and legibly write prices on them.

* Sale day - Set up - Arrange your display in a prominent place in your garage driveway or yard, so drivers can spot it from the street. Organize small items on tables or in shallow boxes. Remove objects that are not for sale. Have a least $20 in small bills and plenty of coins if they need change.

* Sale time - Perfect your pitch - Talk to people about the goods you're selling. It is best to have two people helping out so one person can watch everything and handle money while the other chats with potential customers.

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