Friday, June 5, 2009

A Healthier Living For Nurses And All

I salute the people who work in the hospital, being around with sickly people all the time is not an easy work to do in this world. You have seen different and all kinds of people everyday. Being a nurse by profession is not an easy job, you are so busy taking care of the people who are sick or hurt. Like any individuals, nurses deserves a make over and take time to do something for themselves like coloring their hair, putting on makeup, spa treatments, a manicure or any other things that will help them feel good about themselves. Especially with all the hard times this summer we need to go with the flow with fashion and beauty. I have found a website, they have interesting ideas, tips, stories and guides that will help with the Scrubs nurses have to wear.

I really like the website they have lots of information with very helpful articles that will help nurses realize how important to take care of ourselves and to look better and feel much better about ourselves. They have an article on there website called Wake Up Looking Younger with five great quick daily routines to help you feel and look younger. The first is get clean. Make sure you wash off all the old makeup and clean the pores. Second is moisturize, as we get older are skin dries out and we need to moisturize to keep it soft. Third is to sleep right. We all need a good night sleep to help are body and mind rejuvenates. Fourth is to be kissable, which means keep your teeth clean and breath fresh. And the fifth but not least step is to tame stray hairs or keep your hair looking nice. So if you are looking for tips for this summer or anytime of the year you should stop by


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