Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun In Your Own Backyard

In this economy right and the gas is so high a some people don't have budget for traveling for vacation this summer. If we don't have budget there is no need to leave home to savor summer at its best. Its time to ready your yard for three months of fun.

* Plant a garden. Make each person responsible for different plants or tasks. Take photos or keep journal of its progress. Tomatoes are easy to grow and delicious.

* When its sweltering hot, Popsicle and an old fashioned sprinkler will keep you cool. It might sound silly but it will make you feel like kid again.

* Set up an obstacle course for the neighborhood kids. Bring out the training treats and your dog can be part of the fun.

* Have a camp-out night with a borrowed tent, campfire tales and s'mores over the grill.

* Every yard needs a shady spot for relaxing. Try a tree swing, hammock or wicker rocking chair.

* Get in the game! Favorites like croquet, bocce, lawn darts, horseshoes and badminton are fast and easy to set up.

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Tey said...

Gas proce is really expensive, thats why we just usually stay at home during the weekend
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