Friday, June 26, 2009

Five Indispensable Rules For Your Business

* Protect your good idea - Consult with an attorney, then do the paperwork yourself, its easy. Start by applying for a trademark or a provisional patent application.

* Find funding - Remember that old saying "it takes money to make money"? Its true! but be careful, be charge up your credit card, consider taking on a partner who will give you money in exchange for part ownership. Come up with a plan that shows how you'll spend the money and how you'll earn it back.

* Sell, sell, sell - Make sure you have a pitch no one can refuse. Be confident. When you're making deal with someone, ask yourself, "What's in it for them?"

* Multitask - Carry your proposal wherever you go, soccer games, the supermarket. You never know where your next sale will turn up. And have a good story everyone loves that.

* Find a mentor - Having someone who's "been there and done that" can get through tough times. You're bound to face setbacks, but with a good product, belief in yourself and hard work, you will succeed.


Dorothy L said...

These are excellent tips. Especially in our economic changes. People are in need of any kind of positive affirmations and tips when they are applying for a new job or position:)

Knowledge Of Zhys said...

good job frend..
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*josie* said...

Good info, I will recommend this to everyone I knew seeking employment. thanks for dropping by.

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