Friday, June 26, 2009

Farrah Faucett In Charles Angels & Michael Jackson King of Pop Died Yesterday

It was a big news yesterday and today the loss of the famous king of pop singer Michael Jackson and famous actress in Charles Angels Farrah Faucett. They both died on the same day. Michael Jackson died and the cause of death for the pop icon is still unknown they just thought it was cardiac arrest. Michael’s death was so shocking for everybody but his songs will still remembered and his incredible dance mechanics. Farrah Faucett a famous actress in Charles Angels died after a long battle of her colon cancer. Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Smith made up the original “Angels,” the sexy police-trained trio of martial arts experts who took their assignments from a rich, mysterious boss named Charlie which is John Forsythe, who has never been seen on camera but whose distinctive voice was heard on speaker phone. Both of them will be remembered of their talents and the things they shared in there life, with their fans, families and friends.

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kate23 said...

Dear Family of Ms. Faucett,
I have never been touched EVER by a story until this morning when I woke up and watched a 3 hour special "Farrah's Story". I don't think I have been more glued to the t.v. or cried that much and I'm only 21. My heart and prayers will be here 24-7 with your family and I can only hope that you all will make it through this as well. She is now my inspiration to not only love my family that much more, but to show it like you all did to her. Thank you for this, and God will be with you.

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