Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't Sleep Try This?

So you've been already taken a bath and listened yo music, yet you're still too stressed to sleep? Try hypnotizing yourself. It is a surefire way to create the kind of deep relaxation that will help you doze off. At night when you're not distracted by work, your kids and your to do list, you;re more likely to obsess. Our mind functions like VCR on continuous play and your worrisome thoughts are the tapes you put on it. Self-hypnosis reprogram those tapes to shut out stress and help focus on calming thoughts. The technique is to close your eyes and take a deep breath as you picture yourself standing the top of a long escalator watching the steps slowly move down. Let yourself slip into state of relaxation as you exhale. Then imagine stepping onto the escalator and taking it to the bottom. By now you should feel calm and drift off to sleep.

1 comment:

lizzie said...

This does work, but sometimes I have to step onto another escalator and go further down.

Another way of doing this is to walk down steps to a beautiful garden, imagine the flowers, you find a door in a wall, push it open and enter a secret place which is anything you want..

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