Friday, June 5, 2009

Allergies Prevention Tips

Many plants "mate" by releasing pollen grains into the wind during spring, summer and fall months including many grasses, tress and bushes. These are the types of plants you want to avoid in your garden. Instead, consider plants that rely on insects for cross-pollination which are known to have pollen grains that are much heavier and don't travel through the air as easily. Among these types of plants are several bright colored flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. Here are some allergies prevention that might help you.

* Wear a face mask, hat, glasses, gloves and long sleeve shirt to reduce skin contact with pollen.

* Since wood chips and mulch can retain moisture and encourage mold growth, use gravel, oyster shell or ground covers instead.

* Keep grass cut low to keep stems with pollen from reaching into the wind.

* Be cautious about using hedges since their branches easily collect mold and pollen.

* Keep windows in the house closed while mowing and for a few hours afterward.

* Limit gardening to cool or cloudy days and in late afternoon or evening when pollen counts are lower.

* Shower and change clothes when returning indoors.

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