Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Internet At Ultra60 Speeds

Have you heard about Charter’s Ultra60 Phatband internet service that they are releasing in 2009 to most areas? Right now it is available in the St. Louis market for testing and has been rated one of the fastest internet services around. They have much more information on their Ultra60 Information Page. If you are into online games, streaming video, large downloads of photos or files you can now do this at speeds up to 60Mbps. All this and it is completely safe with Charter’s Security Suite that provides virus protection against online threats all at no additional cost.

This is Charter’s fastest internet available, DSL doesn’t even compare in speed or options offered. On their website you can find a toll free number so you can talk directly with one of their representatives to see if it is available in your area. This way you can also see if there are any special offers that you can take advantage of. So don’t wait if you are on Charter upgrade today and see how fast the internet can be. Or you can view Charter’s Twitter Feed to see what others are saying about Charter’s Ultra60 Phatband internet service. So if you are tired of slow internet you should consider Charter’s Ultra60 service.


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