Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Best Body And Mind Boosters

* Get Smart Smile - Always keep your teeth clean, brushed and flossed at least twice a day for a healthy teeth. Check dentist regularly.

* Ditch That Hands Free Phone - Think using a hands free phone behind the wheel is safe? Think again. In a recent study a driving simulation test showed that drivers using a hands free cell phone reacted more slowly to braking and caused more rear-end collisions than those not using a phone. So save routine chats for the home or office and if the call is crucial, pull over.

* Want To be More Efficient? Quit Multitasking
- Juggling many projects is inefficient according to research. When people were asked to switch back and forth between tasks such as doing math problems and sorting pictures, they take longer to complete each job than they worked on them one at a time. When you shift your attention from one thing to another, you have to remember where you stopped and then start your train of thought again. If you have task that can be done in modest chunks of time says 45 minutes to an hour its better to stick with just one from start to finish.

* Memorize Anything With This Quick Trick - Maybe you've thought of something for you to do list bit don't have paper and pencil handy or you need to remember talking points for a meeting. Try this proven memorization technique, picture yourself walking down the road you know well and then put images of the things you need to remember at specific spots along the route. When it's time to recall those items, mentally retrace your steps. The researches found that many people with good memories aren't more intelligent the rest of us, they simply use savvy spatial techniques.

* Lower Your Cancer Risk: Cut Meat And Dessert - A new study found that women who ate the most red meat, desserts, refined grains and fats were 46 percent more apt to get colon cancer that those who ate the smallest amounts of these foods. The culprits: carcinogenic substances such as nitrates in processed meats it can increased insulin secretion from sugar and refined grains. To be safe eat fish, poultry, whole grains and produce foods instead.

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