Monday, July 13, 2009

Do You Feel Stressed Or Pressured

If you feel stressed or pressured in today's world you are not alone. If this pertains to you here are a few ways I found that helps me relieve this stress or pressure. Try reading a poem out loud. It can relax the mind and the body. Have a relaxing conversation with a loved one or close friend. Even slow deep breathing has been known to relieve stress, pressure and tension. We all need to relieve stress and pressure in our lives so we can live happier and longer without the medical risks it can produce.

1 comment:

jojigirl said...

Stressed and pressured, that's it.The culprit. I do need to think, and look, and say something nice and positive everyday in order to help me detox my wearied spirit. But I am not saying it's easy doing that. Oftentimes it is a struggle, the negativity can just be overwhelming.

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