Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Mini Vacation In Mackinac Island

Yesterday we just get back from our mini vacation to Mackinac Island in Michigan which is four hours driving from our place to Mackinaw City and 30 minutes boat ride to the island. We did stay at Mackinaw City for a night for sightseeing and picture taking in the place during the day.

We did not stay Mackinac Island for the reason that we can get cheaper place at Mackinaw City to stay for the night. I am so happy and grateful for the great experience that I have. This was my first time to visit this place and I am so impressed of the place. 

Enjoy the beautiful scenery out there. I got to see the Mackinac Bridge and great lake of Michigan and great Lake of Huron. Also, we did enjoy the boat ride to the island the following morning and get to taste the delicious fudge. We did ride the horse and walk for sight seeing some of the nice places and beautiful scenery in the island. 

Oh, before I forget Mackinac Island is where they take the movie Somewhere In Time and it was a beautiful thing to know that I have been there. Love watching the lake, light house and seagull that they can freely fly. I would be happy to visit again if we have the budget and time to do it.

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