Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine’s Day Is Near

What are your plans on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is almost near. I know some of you have already plans during this day. This will be busy day those who have girlfriend or boyfriend. But this day is not only for those who have girlfriend or boyfriend but most of the world celebrates this by expressing feelings and their love to their special someone.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that honoring the early Christian martyr Saint Valentine. But it was changed over the years and now it was been commercialize. As what I have observed and noticed as I grown up it is a traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by giving them something on Valentine’s Day.

We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, giving chocolates or any gifts, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards to the one they love. That is why most of the stores, restaurants, malls, hotels and flower shops are busy this time of holidays.

Now if you don’t have plans for your Valentine’s Day yet you still have time to plan it and make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one for your love one and yourself. A simple celebration of this day will be fine with me. What matters is the understanding and love for each other and everything will be alright. Hope you have great time on your Valentine’s Day with your special someone or your better half. 

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