Thursday, February 9, 2012

Failure Encourages You To Push Ourselves More

Each and every one of us experienced failure and this is very discouraging and disappointing time of our life. Failure means that we are in the state or in a situation that we are not meeting to our desirable or intended purpose or desired goal or objectives. Failure is definitely an opposite to success but this can also lead us to success if we have positive outlook on failure.

Failure is what makes us strive to become better and not make us worst. But at some point failure is also the result of not making the right choices or good decision in our life. The good thing about failure or if we fail is we can try or do it again to make it better. We have the chance to make it right and make it corrected in the second time or many times around before we get better at it.

Failure this encourages us to work hard and push ourselves to become better and more productive. When we fail is not the end of the world, we have to try or do it again better than before. Also, if this doesn’t work for you it means that there is something better ahead of you. Failure will help us appreciate more about life and makes us improve. If there is no failure there is no challenge in life.

We can able to grow and encourage us to strive to get better if we have failure. There is a saying by Thomas J. Watson “if you want to succeed, doubles your failure rate”. Engineers and programmers are the best examples to this, they push their systems to the limit, and they break them and learn about them. Through breaking their systems they can find out solution and inhibits creative process to make the systems much better. Life is a learning process and we can learn more if we have failure. Our success is not measured of not failing at all but rising up every time we fail.

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