Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seven Signs That You Are Addicted To Facebook

I know many people already that are addicted to Facebook. They cannot live without it anymore and I read on a magazine the signs that you’ve got a Facebook Fever. So check on these and evaluate yourself and there are seven signs.

* Your Farm-ville garden is thriving, but your actual garden not so much.

* You responded to your husband “ I miss you “ email by typing “Like”.

* You wake up at 3:00 AM or in the morning just to update the status to “sleeping”.

* You send “event” invites to get your teenagers to come to dinner.

* Your son asked you to play tag and you broke out the photo albums and scanner.

* Even the dog has gotten the Photo shop treatment.

* You have more friends than ever before.

While I’m reading this I did evaluate myself also. I think I am not at this point yet; I do control myself not to put so much time on Facebook. I have so many things to do that worth doing than be in the Facebook all the time. I do tempt occasionally to be on Facebook chatting with my family and friends but not all the time.

I am always in hurry to get my work and things done so why waste so much time. It is nice once in a while when I am free but if I am busy I just checks a little bit and then that’s it for that day. But I know its fun to be there and read some updates of your friend and play games or whatsoever but I have some things to do every single day of my life. I wish I have more time to be in Facebook like everybody else but I don't. But as what I have said I need to be productive and use my time wisely.


eugene said...

I multi task during office hours, at night, update blog, some schedules, some impromtu ones,,,,,,,weekend,hardly mess with PC,, family time, ma

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