Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tips For Your Stain Problem In Your Carpet

For stain not involving a lot of liquid or if you do not have wet/dry vacuum, follow these guidelines for stain removal:

* Remove any solid materials with a tablespoon, spatula or dull knife to avoid spreading the stain.

* Blot spills with clean, white absorbent materials such as white cloth or paper towels. Press down hard to remove as much as liquid as possible, but do not rub, as that will cause lasting damage to the carpet pile.

* If a spot removal solvent is necessary, apply several drops to a clean white cloth and blot the carpet in an inconspicuous area, to ensure it doesn't affect the color of your carpet. Use the solution sparingly and consult a professional carpet cleaner if a color change occurs.

* If one spot solution fails to work, try another one until the stain is removed.


marifen said...

thanks for sharing this, ill try this kay ako anak cge ipang hulog food sa salog, lisud jud tanggal sa stain :)

Jenny0323 said...

Nice post. I'll apply this into our carpet to remove stains.

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