Saturday, April 25, 2009

Parenting Software For Divorced Or Separated Couples

Are you a divorced parent struggling with the attorneys and the court system to come up with a Parenting Plan that is reasonable and excepted by everyone? Have you found that using attorneys can be very expensive and a time consuming way to accomplish this? When you let the court systems decide the parenting schedule, know body is 100% happy. Well there is help available for divorced or separated couples. It is software called PARBasic, which stands for parenting plan software.

With PARBasic you are able to follow the easy to use step by step instructions to create a Parenting Plan or time share schedule that both you and your ex spouse can agree too. It also gives you the flexibility to modify and validate the plan from start to finish. The plan that you have created you can submit it to the attorneys or the court system for approval. This will save you time and expensive attorney fees and allow both parents to agree on scheduling without issues or problems. PARBasic is also accepted and approved by the courts in all 50 states and is widely used by family law attorneys. It is now available to you. You can buy online, download and start using in just minutes, all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


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