Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Your Husband Upgrade His Looks

* Buy him "gifts"- Just happen to find some great shirts at the mall, then tell him, how nice he looks in his new duds. Watch ad the old stuff moves to the closet.

* Compromise - If he has sentimental faves, like concerts tees and shirts from his alma mater, don't insist that he toss them, even if they are two sizes small. Instead pack them away in a nice storage container.

* Go through your closets together - He's less likely to fell that you're attracting his sense of style if you pare down your wardrobe too.

* Streamline his shopping - Men see shopping as a mission to be accomplished, so set out with a short, practical list. If you really need to entice him, go to sale. The idea of saving money may make him warm to the task.

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