Monday, March 23, 2009

File Extension Definitions

Do you know what a file extension is? If you use a computer, you use file extensions. You may not even know it. You use it when working with any file that is on your computer or what most people don’t realize, it is also used with any webpage you look at on the internet. It is the letters or digits after the dot or period in the file name or the website address. There are over 1000 file extensions available such as the dmg file extension. The dmg extension is widely used in any Apple or Macintosh computer. There are many other extensions that you can see and find out information about at the File Extension Library website if you are interested.

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WHITEShadow said...

There are so much about computer language and different programs have different file extensions I think that's one of the reason why users don't care much about it since there are so much they're not even aware of.

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