Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Data Extraction Software

Are you in need of data extraction software for your company, business or yourself? Have you heard about Mozenda Web Data Harvester? At Mozenda they offer and specialize in internet data extraction software tools. The information that their data extraction software grabs from website all over the internet is organized into a usable format like XLS, CSV and XML. This software might be able to save your business money and time. If you rely on information from websites on the internet to succeed, you should stop by their website to see reviews and more information. I recommend this data harvester software for all your data extraction needs.


Carly Fiorina said...

Hi all,

Data extraction software is designed to automatically collect data from web pages. A lot of money can be made with data extraction software, but there are two types of program custom made and typical. Thanks a lot.......

Extract Web Data

Octoparse said...

I recently use a new web scraper that is as powerful as Mozenda.

Octoparse. is capable of extracting any visible data from websites effortlessly. You don't even need to know any coding knowledge. And you can capture the magic power of extracting data as long as you download and launch it.

Diggernaut LLC said...

Just to update this article a bit with my comment, since it was written at 2009 :)

There are a lot of nice and interesting cloud web scraping services available now, including
our Diggernaut, import.io, Diffbot.

Oh and by the way you can check fresh lists on Capterra and AlternativeTo.

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