Thursday, December 18, 2008

Join To An Awesome Developer Contest

So everyone likes to win prizes, but do you like challenges? Well I know of this website that is offering prizes to those willing to take the XML challenge and enter their contest. The XML contest was designed for developers around the world to shape the XML landscape of our future. The contest is designed for students, professional and even the hobbyists to help with awareness and inform individuals about XQuery, XML and DB2. So if you have this ability and you are qualified for this, don’t hesitate to join this contest, this is your chance to excel. The contest has five separate tracks for individuals of varying skill levels; you can enter one track or all five.
Include in the tracks must be the following:

1.Video Contest: Upload a video, judged by the community, prizes awarded monthly.
2.Gadget Contest: Create a small widget or gadget, judged by the community, prizes awarded monthly.
3.XQuery Challenge: Answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery. All correct answers (answer and query structure) entered to win larger prizes.
4.Port an Application: Port an existing application to use XML, XQuery or DB2. Judged by a panel of judges.
5.Develop an application: Develop a brand new application using XML and/or XQuery. Judged by a panel of judges.

Hurry! before the contest ends and join the awesome developer contest, be a participant, don’t missed the chance, you don’t know if you are the one and soon to be the XML superstar.


IDUG contest

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