Saturday, November 29, 2008

File Types and Formats

When you are working with your computer and you try to save the file, do you get a window that appears asking you to give it a name and file type? Well I am sure all of us have seen this. We usually give it a file name and hit save without thinking about the file format. The file format can be in most cases many different things. Such as qif file format. You ask what this format means. Well it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. This format is widely renowned for compression of data in addition to the format or file type of images. CompuServe is recorded as being the developer of qif file format since 1987, but many others have made alterations to this file type since. Some alternative file formats are PNG and JPEG which are widely known.

Then you ask which file type should I use? Well this depends on what reason you are saving the file for. Although the qif file is small file size it most likely is not the file type you would want to use for a photograph or a movie clips. Unless you are looking for a file type that is small and compressed with low resolution. So if you are still interested in learning more about different file types please visit .

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