Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mercedes-Benz GLK - Car Of The Future

My friend just bought a new car and I was excited for them and I searched online looking for a nice car and I ran into a picture of The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class and it caught my eyes. Mercedes-Benz inspiration for the new vehicle was the full-size GL-Class SUV, hence the name GLK. They're going to arrive next year January 2009. Few details were provided; GLK appeared to have passenger volume similar to a mid size sedan, or about 95 cubic feet to 100 cubic feet. The cargo area appeared to have about 25 cubic feet to 30 cubic feet of space .Four adults should be able to sit comfortably, with a fifth person in the middle of the back seat forced to straddle a large floor hump. The interior was modern, with a dash that kept to Mercedes-Benz styling.

Along with the ML and GL classes, the new GLK will have unit-body construction like a crossover or car instead of body-on-frame like a truck-based SUV. This is more edgy and masculine type of vehicle/car. GLK appeals to young, progressive, ambitious, eclectic individuals who desire a car that allows them to express their love for trendy style, luxury, and unconventional yet active lifestyles. GLK made its debut in the Sex and the City movie as Samantha’s vehicle of choice. You can get this for a starting price of $43,000. And now it’s our choice, so if you’re planning to buy a car next year this is the car your looking for.

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