Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumn One of the Best Seasons

Autumn is one of the best seasons or time we have here in America that we have enjoyed. Autumn season is the transition time from the summer to winter and has a temperate condition. The cooler breeze and the pretty color of the trees makes this time of year impressive and magical.

It makes me amazed how the color of the trees changes and it was indeed gorgeous to watch and take pictures to hold as remembrance of the autumn 2013. The leaves are falling the ground are just magical that God shows us the beauty of the fall or autumn season.

Fall or autumn defines as time full of maturity, the late stages of maturity or the early stages of decline. But whatever falls or autumn defines it is definitely amazing and one of the best season of the year that most everyone loves and enjoy especially with apple cider and pumpkin pie that we can able to have.   

We cannot comprehend the beauty of the earth and Gods creation. We have to be grateful and appreciate the beauty of it that we can able to enjoy the goodness of God, his blessings and creation. Hope you have good harvest and best time ever in your autumn or fall season this year.

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