Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome The Month Of May With Sunshine

Everybody is praying for nice and warm weather and here it comes. This is perfect day to welcome the month of May with sunshine and warm weather that we are longing for spring season. We have cold, snowy and rainy days for at least the whole month of April and we are all ready for warm like we have today.

We need to get out and feel the warm of the sunshine that we have today. It is time to have a walk or start our outside chores that we have hold up till we have nice warm weather that we have today. Nice to hear the birds singing today and seeing tress that the leaves are started to grow back again.

We feel energetic and happy when we have sunshine and we can be productive because we are more alert. It is amazing what sunshine and weather can do for us. Love to see the green trees and flowers again. I have seen daffodils and tulips are coming out already. We are hoping that we will have good flowers this year. As what the saying goes that April showers brings May flowers. 

Time to have a nice walk, jogging, biking, play outside, spring cleaning, gardening or anything you can do outside without any sweater or coat with you. We need to get out and move, have a nice fresh air to feel better. As what the news have said today we have reach 81 degrees and this is the warmest weather we can have in this spring time season, so make use and take advantage of this. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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