Thursday, May 23, 2013

Devastating Tornado In Oklahoma

We are very saddened of the massive tornado that hit in the state of Oklahoma last Tuesday, May 21, 2013 that wiped out many homes, schools, buildings, cars, properties and killed estimated 24 people. It was reported that this tornado that hit Oklahoma recently are ranks among the strongest storms that strike one of the state here in United States of America, this destroy many and left a lot of damages in the area.

Watching the news and videos this is very horrifying and scary tornado ever. Imagine how strong this was, this tornado spanned 1.3 miles and with length of more than 22 football fields line up end to end and carved 17 miles path of destruction. That was a horrible and terrifying tornado that strike Oklahoma with powerful winds that topped 200 miles per hour.

These tornado's damage everything that people own in that certain place where the tornado hit. Someone says this like a bomb that happen quickly and just like five minutes destruction. The news said today that the insurance reported that this damage almost 2 billion dollars, 12,000 houses and one of the officials had said that the tornado killed at least seven children at the school and this was very heart breaking.

Most of the people in the affected area lost everything they have and that was very devastating to the affected one.  I know this takes time and money to rebuild Oklahoma to the affected area. We need to remember that we just don’t know when and what calamities would strike to us, just be strong and live with it. We just hope and pray to the affected residents or people that they can work through those trying times and be safe everyone.  

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