Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally We Have Sunshine Today

We finally have sunshine today here in Michigan. Hope it will stay this way, so that we can start enjoying our spring time season. I have seen green leaves on trees and flowers growing already. I know that there are people that are complaining about our weird weather in Michigan. We either have snow or rain and we are already in middle of April which is supposed to be spring time and it feels like winter still.

We have so much rain and moisture this month of April but instead of complaining we have to be thankful that we have this moisture as what the sayings says that April shower brings May flowers. Having the rain and the moisture this should be good for the plants and crops to grow perfectly. 

Farmers might be happy to have this kind of weather, this will help them to have a good harvest this year for the fruits and vegetables that grow here in Michigan. Everybody is looking forward for a nice weather so that we can start our outside project this spring. 

I think we have enough for the snow and cold weather already for our winter months. We are ready for spring time and we need some sunshine to brighten our day and not feeling depressed because it’s gloomy and cold outside.  The cold weather is what holds us up from being active and doing our spring time projects and plans. Hope it will start to warm up this week and enjoy on what is left on this spring time season.

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