Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life's Goodness Is Not Complete Without Struggles

We all have different struggles, problems, and disappointments in life but we handle it differently. This also depends on the circumstances and situations and how we handle life. But we all experience these for us to grow and learn from the situation. This will help us build character, make us a better people and appreciate more the beauty of life after we have overcome it.

We are different from each other and our dealings with life but this will also depends how we grow up and how we are raise by our parents. As I have noticed but not all that children that are raise by wealthy families and have not experienced with hardship growing up are the people that will easily giving up. But there are also people that even they are not growing up with wealthy families they are still easily giving up. 

I guess we just have different capacity and ability in life, some people cannot carry or overcome their problems as much us others. Some are born strong and some are born weak but we just need to help each other to become strong and so the burden will be light to carry by helping each other. We or as individual people it is tough sometimes when are facing problems even if we don’t like it but we have to hang on and hold tight with courage that everything will be alright. 

Life is beautiful to live but we cannot acknowledge the goodness of life unless we experience those struggles, problems and disappointments in life. We have to stay strong, have faith and believe that we can make it. Don’t give up and always be reminded that we will overcome our struggles and problems in life triumphantly and victoriously no matter what it is.

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