Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumn One of the Best Seasons

Autumn is one of the best seasons or time we have here in America that we have enjoyed. Autumn season is the transition time from the summer to winter and has a temperate condition. The cooler breeze and the pretty color of the trees makes this time of year impressive and magical.

It makes me amazed how the color of the trees changes and it was indeed gorgeous to watch and take pictures to hold as remembrance of the autumn 2013. The leaves are falling the ground are just magical that God shows us the beauty of the fall or autumn season.

Fall or autumn defines as time full of maturity, the late stages of maturity or the early stages of decline. But whatever falls or autumn defines it is definitely amazing and one of the best season of the year that most everyone loves and enjoy especially with apple cider and pumpkin pie that we can able to have.   

We cannot comprehend the beauty of the earth and Gods creation. We have to be grateful and appreciate the beauty of it that we can able to enjoy the goodness of God, his blessings and creation. Hope you have good harvest and best time ever in your autumn or fall season this year.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fuel your goals, Fuel your greatness, #FuelABetterYou

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Summer is now upon us and you are looking to lose a few of your winter weight pounds so you will look good when you hit the beach this year. So what tricks have you used to help you lose that extra weight? One way I have found to help is the Nutrisystem plan that has been helping people for over 40 years. Nutrisystem has paved the way for a new breed of weight loss companies with the introduction of live counseling by phone or online, replacing traditional customer visits to centers, and creating a new way for people to deal with weight issues privately.

Nutrisystem does this by delivering quality food and meal programs directly to customers’ doorsteps. Also they provide a convenient way for you to learn how to lose weight and live healthier. All while enjoying over 150 perfectly portioned® entrees and snacks on the menu, you’re sure to find all of your favorites. They also offer vitamins, supplements, cookbooks and a host of other tools created to maximize weight loss success.

Starting on July 22, 2013 you can also enter their Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes. It is easy to enter and only takes a few minutes. Just follow the link to “Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes”, then hit like and enter your information for your chance to win. You could be the winner of one of the following prizes.
  •  Four (4) Winners who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program with 28 days of food products delivered to their door
  • One (1) Grand Prize Winner who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program, with 28 days of food products delivered to their door and five hundred dollars ($500) cash.
For more information on Nutrisystem® Select® and how to become perfectly portioned® in time to enjoy this summer feel free to visit the Nutrisystem Facebook Page. I am sure you will be able to find all the help you need to be healthier and happier this year. “The Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes is brought to you by Nutrisystem. I have been remunerated to promote the sweepstakes.”

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Frustration And Disappointment Makes Us A Better Person

We all don’t want frustration and disappointment because this hurts. Also, this can create stress and burden to us. We usually thinking to frustration and disappointment is a stumbling block to our success and bring us down. At the moment you have the frustration and disappointment it damage our feelings and discourage us of doing something. We feel that our life is darkened and sometimes we lost hopes.

We need somebody to motivate us and inspire us to go on with our life and our dreams, in spite of the challenges, frustrations and disappointment that we encountered day by day. But do you know that frustrations and disappointments are design for us to make us grow and challenge us to become better or even best if we don’t get discourage about it. Instead of stumbling block to our success make it as a stepping stone to every dream or goals in life.

We need to remind ourselves that we have to think it the positive way and remember that if we have frustration and disappointments they are only the spices of life, the best is yet to come and we have to prove it ourselves that we are stronger than our problems and we can always conquer them if we believe we can. If there is no frustration and disappointments we will not appreciate what we have and life will be boring. 

Our frustration and disappointment helps us to gain strength, it builds up our character and increase our understanding about life. I know it is not easy, it is easier to be said than done but that’s life. Also, we have a saying that “No pain no gain” now we should understand that frustration and disappointment will help us to become better person and it is for our own good if we know how to handle and deal with it. We need to believe that there is always sunshine after the storm and sure it does.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Micacle-Gro Has The Gro Projects That Are Fun

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Recently I became interested in gardening and started researching what it takes to have a successful and beautiful garden. I knew that I wanted to make sure to try fun garden projects that I would enjoy and not feel like it was a lot of work.

I admit that I don’t have much of a green thumb. But this did not stop me, this just means that I need a little more help, and Miracle-Gro products is the help I needed. Their Moisture Control Potting Mix should help save the plant when I over water it which I have a tendency to do.

While researching I found The Gro Project with its detailed steps on how to build a Toyarium I knew that I had found something that I could probably pull off. Below I will give you the steps to creating your very own Toyarium garden using Miracle-Gro products.
  • Get a glass bowl or other glass container of your choice.
  • Add some Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix in the bottle of the bowl or container.
  • Then plant your cactus or other plants by using a spoon.
  • Set the scene with your toys.
  •  Use a spritzer to only moisten the soil when it gets dry.

For more information on The Gro Project by Miracle-Gro you could check out Miracle-Gro online to access their expansive library of articles and videos full of expert gardening tips. You can also stay up to date with all their new gardening ideas by connecting with Miracle-Gro on Pinterest or Facebook. It only takes a few minutes and you will be able to empress your friends and family with a great looking garden.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

What Make Father’s Day Special?

Father’s Day is fast approaching, it is this coming Sunday we will be celebrating this for all the fathers in the whole wide world. We will not only giving honors or celebration to our mother that we have celebrated last month as well as our fathers. We will not all be here without the father or a mother or in other way around. We both need them, a father and mother are very important to us and a family cannot be called a family without the two.

Father’s are special to us like our mothers, they are both close to our hearts because without them we will not be here and living in this wonderful world. We owe them so much that we can’t even repay to them of what they have been through for taking care of us until we know how to take care of own. Father is a tough role to have, to work hard and sacrifice many things so that he can provide for his whole family. They deserved to be honor and remembered of all they have done for us.
A simple celebration and remembering them during this occasion would surely make them happy. One simple thing we can do is like sending them a card and calling them during this day and tell them how much we love them, will surely make them happy. We have so many noble and great fathers all over the world and this is our time to express our love and appreciation for the things that they have done for us and our family.

Like any other occasion nowadays has been commercialized we have seen that articles and advertisement about father’s gifts and ideas that you can give to your fathers this coming Sunday as a gift. I don’t know if it is a bad thing or good thing. I don’t think gifts matters but if we have the budget we can buy gifts for them but if we don’t have, our own presence and love to them are more than enough to them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers all over the world and especially to my father, hope he will feel better.  Last year, I have written this poem and submitted it to Yahoo and here is the link for it I have dedicated this poem to my father and to all the fathers out there.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Investing In Real Estate With Shawn Watkins As Your Guide

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shawn Watkins for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

So you have a little money saved and you have been considering investing it in residential real estate in an effort to make it grow faster than interest in a bank. Or risking it on the stock market not knowing if the economy is going to get better?

The answer is yes, owning investment property may provide financial and personal benefits, including:

  • Rental opportunity. If you purchase an investment property close to local businesses, a popular commuting area or vacation spot, this may be attractive to tenants and could create cash flow.
  • Ongoing income and cash flow. Your investment property may provide ongoing income to offset your expenses.
  • Potential tax benefits. Mortgage and home equity interest payments and property taxes may present the opportunity for tax advantages. Consult your tax advisor.

If you are still searching for more information on investing it in residential real estate, you could checkout the workshop that is being held on May 29, 2013 at There you will also be able to listen to an interview of Property Radar by Shawn Watkins.

Shawn Watkins is the founder of Investors Workshops which he started 2003 and is located in Orange County. The Investors Workshops can be found lecturing frequently on the topics of foreclosures, trusts, title insurance, seller financing and property management.

On the Investors Workshops Shawn Watkins gives tips on investing in residential real estate, buying your first home for profit and what to look for and how to get the right mortgage that suits you. Now is your chance to get the information you need to invest the right way from someone who has been in the real estate business for over 14 years.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Devastating Tornado In Oklahoma

We are very saddened of the massive tornado that hit in the state of Oklahoma last Tuesday, May 21, 2013 that wiped out many homes, schools, buildings, cars, properties and killed estimated 24 people. It was reported that this tornado that hit Oklahoma recently are ranks among the strongest storms that strike one of the state here in United States of America, this destroy many and left a lot of damages in the area.

Watching the news and videos this is very horrifying and scary tornado ever. Imagine how strong this was, this tornado spanned 1.3 miles and with length of more than 22 football fields line up end to end and carved 17 miles path of destruction. That was a horrible and terrifying tornado that strike Oklahoma with powerful winds that topped 200 miles per hour.

These tornado's damage everything that people own in that certain place where the tornado hit. Someone says this like a bomb that happen quickly and just like five minutes destruction. The news said today that the insurance reported that this damage almost 2 billion dollars, 12,000 houses and one of the officials had said that the tornado killed at least seven children at the school and this was very heart breaking.

Most of the people in the affected area lost everything they have and that was very devastating to the affected one.  I know this takes time and money to rebuild Oklahoma to the affected area. We need to remember that we just don’t know when and what calamities would strike to us, just be strong and live with it. We just hope and pray to the affected residents or people that they can work through those trying times and be safe everyone.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Turn Up Your Taste Buds With Private Selection

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Private Selection for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Private Selection
Having a decent dinner for my family at dinner time is always a challenge because of our busy schedule. But I know how having at least one full coursed balanced meal is essential for each and every one of us. This is why I do my best to provide a balanced meal along with a dessert as a treat for every family dinner.

This means creativity is essential because of my busy schedule and choosing the right food to prepare can be a challenge. Typically, I would resort to pre-packaged snacks for dessert such as store bought ice cream, cookies, Jello or pudding cups. Even though I know there are better things I could give to my family. Baking is not always my strong suit and time is always an issue.

This is when I discover the indulgent flavors of the Private Selection Upside Down Cakes. Private Selection Upside Down Cakes are easy, just warm, flip, and serve. These cakes are premium quality without the premium price. Through June 2, 2013, Kroger is executing their “Spread the Love” campaign where a Private Selection Upside Down Cakes coupon will be available on the Kroger website. The Private Selection brand is a premium private label brand carried exclusively at the Kroger Family of Stores and affiliated stores including: Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Fry’s, Gerbes, Pay Less, QFC, JayC, King Soopers, Owen’s, Ralphs, Smith’s and Fred Meyer. So now you can get the Private Selection Upside Down Cakes that are premium quality without the premium price.

Whether at home at a company pot-luck or holidays with family and friends, my go-to dessert is definitely one of the Private Selection Upside Down Cakes. Not just because they are easy, but most importantly they are delicious and are available in 3 distinct flavors, so there is a cake for any taste. Everyone will think your Private Selection Upside Down Cakes taste like homemade, thanks to Private Selection only for using the best ingredients.

Coupon ends 6/2/13. Official Rules. In order to load these coupons to your card, you will need to sign into your Kroger account or set up a Kroger account and enter your card number. Limit one use per digital coupon. Digital offers are not eligible on Manager's Specials, cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item, and do not double. Not all items are available in all stores. A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time.

To learn more about the Private Selection Brand and Upside Down Cakes, follow them:

Private Selection Upside Down Cakes on Facebook
Private Selection Upside Down Cakes on Pinterest

You can also find a store carrying Private Selection near you! Just by clicking here..

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome The Month Of May With Sunshine

Everybody is praying for nice and warm weather and here it comes. This is perfect day to welcome the month of May with sunshine and warm weather that we are longing for spring season. We have cold, snowy and rainy days for at least the whole month of April and we are all ready for warm like we have today.

We need to get out and feel the warm of the sunshine that we have today. It is time to have a walk or start our outside chores that we have hold up till we have nice warm weather that we have today. Nice to hear the birds singing today and seeing tress that the leaves are started to grow back again.

We feel energetic and happy when we have sunshine and we can be productive because we are more alert. It is amazing what sunshine and weather can do for us. Love to see the green trees and flowers again. I have seen daffodils and tulips are coming out already. We are hoping that we will have good flowers this year. As what the saying goes that April showers brings May flowers. 

Time to have a nice walk, jogging, biking, play outside, spring cleaning, gardening or anything you can do outside without any sweater or coat with you. We need to get out and move, have a nice fresh air to feel better. As what the news have said today we have reach 81 degrees and this is the warmest weather we can have in this spring time season, so make use and take advantage of this. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Use Scotts Florida Select Mulch For A Beautiful Yard

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpgIt is now April and spring is finally here. The long winter is now behind us and we need to start the spring yard cleanup so we can have that beautiful yard all the neighbors will be envious of. This means cleaning the hedge and the bushes, trim the dead limbs, get rid of the leaves we were too lazy to clear in the fall and give our front walkway area a fresh Eucalyptus layer of mulch from “Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch”.

If you live in Florida I recommend using “Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch”? This is because it is 100% natural and made from eucalyptus trees that grow faster than the traditional Cypress trees. The mulch is grown on plantations and is free of construction, demolition, pallet, or other waste material. Also this prevents from weeds growing naturally and helps your soil to retain moisture longer.

The Eucalyptus Mulch is the best option for your landscape because it is good to create a sustainable gardening and plantation grown Eucalyptus this is considered a renewable resource because it re-grows up to 4-times faster than Cypress. Eucalyptus Mulch is guaranteed free from any construction, demolition, pallet, or other waste materials and this helps conserve soil moisture and moderate soil temperature. And it also helps support the Florida local economy, because it is 100% Florida grown.

All you need to get started is some Fresh Plants and/or flowers of your choice (pick some bright colored plants/flowers to line in front of larger bushes and/or around trees), Good clean soil, Shovel Gardening Gloves, Post hole digger, Rake, Wheel Barrel and Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch.

If you do not live in Florida you should consider Scotts Nature Scapes mulch as an option for their landscaping needs this spring time season and this comes in 3 different colors: Classic Black, Sierra Red, and Deep Forest Brown and they’re natural forest products - no waste wood and come in a variety of textures. Scotts Mulch helps create a groomed landscape all year long. You can find it at your local hardware in with the gardening supplies.

Scotts Nature Scapes Advanced Classic Black photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at13618PM_zps99d72d69.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at13630PM_zps587e6b17.png Deep Forest Brown photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at13636PM_zpsf0e45903.png
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally We Have Sunshine Today

We finally have sunshine today here in Michigan. Hope it will stay this way, so that we can start enjoying our spring time season. I have seen green leaves on trees and flowers growing already. I know that there are people that are complaining about our weird weather in Michigan. We either have snow or rain and we are already in middle of April which is supposed to be spring time and it feels like winter still.

We have so much rain and moisture this month of April but instead of complaining we have to be thankful that we have this moisture as what the sayings says that April shower brings May flowers. Having the rain and the moisture this should be good for the plants and crops to grow perfectly. 

Farmers might be happy to have this kind of weather, this will help them to have a good harvest this year for the fruits and vegetables that grow here in Michigan. Everybody is looking forward for a nice weather so that we can start our outside project this spring. 

I think we have enough for the snow and cold weather already for our winter months. We are ready for spring time and we need some sunshine to brighten our day and not feeling depressed because it’s gloomy and cold outside.  The cold weather is what holds us up from being active and doing our spring time projects and plans. Hope it will start to warm up this week and enjoy on what is left on this spring time season.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel Today Without The Stress With "The Parking Spot"

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many people enjoy traveling to visit and see other people, places and things that are not close to home. This could be a family vacation or for business. I absolutely love to travel but one of the worst experiences with traveling is getting to and from the airport, and finding that perfect parking space.

Because of this many times I have almost missed a flight because I could not find a parking spot and when I finally found one, I was running while trying to lug a 50 pound luggage bag. Can you relate? Getting to your destination is fun but the work involved in getting on the plane on the way to your destination is a lot of work.

Most major cities have multiple options for airport parking.  If you are fortunate enough to live near one of the 22 airports with The Parking Spot, life may have just gotten brighter. The Parking Spot is more than simply a place to park your car. Their main focus is on hospitality, to make is easier, more comfortable, and more affordable to get a superior airport parking experience. They make airport parking reservations very easy. Unfortunately the nearest one to me is located in Chicago, IL at Ohare International, but that is ok because I used that airport regularly.

You could park your car in any old parking lot.  But, why not choose one that offers a ton of amenities to make near-airport parking more enjoyable.

  • Friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes
  • Covered, open-air and valet parking available (select locations)
  • Always open
  • Fast and easy check-in & check-out
  • Well lit, fully-fenced
  • Luggage assistance available
  • Complimentary chilled water
  • Complimentary USA Today until 9am, Monday-Friday
  • Airport parking reservations available
  • Car care services, including car washes and oil changes available in some markets

They also have this program called the Spot Club were you can get free parking. It works very simple, for every seven days you park you get one day free. Really it is very simple, you just join their membership for free. This always you to earn points for every day you park. These points are redeemable for free parking which are good for up to thirty days. For mor information please visit the Spot Club here.

The Parking Spot is always open, provides friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes, allows for fast and easy check in and checkout, is well lit and allows for traveling to be seamless. Airport parking reservations are available and they even offer car washes/oil changes in some markets. So why not make your next traveling experience an enjoyable one by visiting The Parking Spot for more information today.

The Parking Spot is also available on Facebook and Twitter @TheParkingSpot. I followed them to stay up to date with all their specials and you can too.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

4 Things You Didn't Know About Walking

First it keep you sharp. Brisk striding seems to partially reverse age-related memory loss and may enhance mental function according to research from University of Illinois.

Second it's most successful in the morning. Calling all birds: An informational survey showed that the 75 percent of people who worked out early in the day stuck with their programs, while only a quarter of the night time walkers did.

Third it doesn't require expensive shoes. No need to break the bank on sneaks. They found that the cheaper shoes wear as good as expensive ones- sometimes better.

Fourth, every steps counts, Of course you should count those 30 steps to the bathroom. Research from University of Michigan shows that people who log every step are more likely to enjoy walking- and stick with it longer than those who just track the steps they take during walks that last 10 minutes or longer.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remodel Your Kitchen With A Kiran Spot Rest Faucet

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of us like to do home remodeling so we feel like we have a brand new house to live in or to customize our home to fit our very own taste. Recently I decided to take on the project of remodeling our kitchen. This included a new style sink and faucet fixture. This meant I need to go look at all the new styles available and decide which would fit my remodeled kitchen and most of all my tastes.
 photo 87599srsKO2_zps376479a0.jpg
What I came a crossed was amazing. There were so many styles to choose from, but the style that caught my attention was made by MOEN and the model was the Kiran Spot Resist one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet. The one-handle pull down kitchen faucet is a great fit to our newly remodeled kitchen. This faucet is stainless steel so it will match the appliances we have already updated, and the ones we will update in the future. It will also match the knobs on our cabinets, so I think it will go great with the design of my kitchen.

 photo SpotResistregjpg_zps01cfd3d1.jpg 
The Kiran Spot Resist faucet is spot and fingerprint resistant, so it will look clean with less effort. Also the Moen Kiran Spot Resist Kitchen Faucet wand’s aerated stream and powerful cleaning rinse is sure to make after-dinner cleanup quicker and easier

For more information on the Moen Kiran Spot Resist Kitchen Faucet just stop by MOEN’s website or you can see it in person by visiting your nearest Lowe’s Hardware Store. If you like it as much as I do Lowe’s is the place to purchase one today. And don’t forget to check out Moen on Facebook and give them the old thumbs up! If you are a fan of Moen you can also follow them on Twitter (@Moen), I did and look forward to using their products for many years.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Start Thinking Our Spring Chores

Most of us love spring and we are looking forward for this season especially that we are tired of shoveling the snow and bundle it up every day during winter months. I don’t mind the cold that we have once in a while during this spring that we have but I am still looking forward that it will gets warmer again.

Spring is the good season to start doing our household and outside chores that we can’t do during winter months. We need to have a checklist of our things to do during spring in order get done and organize our schedule.  We have so many things to do and get things done when we have schedule and figure it out ahead of time.

We always heard people saying that it is time for spring cleaning and fixing things when spring comes. It is true, we can do so much and make things done when we get outside and we can perform our chores without the freezing cold. We can also schedule our family clean out and sort things that we don’t need and have a garage sale.

We can start looking and have a tour in our house and evaluate what things that need fixing and replacing while we have the good weather condition. Organized and clean home will makes us feel better and healthier. Enjoy and have fun doing your household and outside chores during this spring time season and thanks for stopping by.

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