Friday, October 12, 2012

We Are Given What Is Best For Us

There are instances or moment in our lives that we feel like our petition or prayers has not been answered and we asked why? I definitely say that our Maker hears and answered our petition or our prayers to Him. Only He always thinks what is best for us and sometimes He asked for our patience to wait.

Think of this as an example if you are the parent of the kid and this kid is asking you a bunch of candy, do think you will give it to him? I don’t think so, you will not want to give that to him for the reason that it will ruin his or her teeth and it is not good for the body. If you give it to him/her it might ruin his/her teeth and health. Also, it will cost you to pay for the dentist or doctors if you give it him/her.

We would rather give our kids fruits than candies right? The reason is that is, this is what we think the best for them. A good parent will always think of what is best for his/her kids. We just need to realize that our petition and prayers are answered but only it is not what we think it should be, it is what our Maker or Heavenly Father thinks that are best for us.

We have to remember this also that sometimes our Maker wants us to wait for the right time to test our patience and our faith to Him. Instead of feeling disappointed and broken heart that our petition or prayers are not being answered we have to be grateful of what we have and thankful of the privilege to live and experience life. We have to live our life to the fullest and give our best we can.    

Speaking of candies remember that Halloween is coming and the kids are trick or treating we need to watch them closely not to eat a lot of candies. A lot of sugar is not good for our body and not good for their tooth either. Also, we don’t have the extra budget to bring them to the dentist or the doctors to get it fix right away. Thanks for stopping by right here at my blogs hope you enjoy reading here and have a good day!    

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