Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stay Safe From The Monster Hurricane Sandy

Hope you are safe from the calamities and disasters that we have been facing here in the USA.  The monster hurricane Sandy hit New York, New Jersey, Main, Delaware,  Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and some other state that are affected by it. We have seen in the news that airlines were cancelling many flights due to the weather condition.

Many travelers are also affected by it and residents to the affected area of the storm are warned to stay safe and careful.  But still there are people that lost their lives to this super storm Sandy. The hurricane Sandy has 74 mph or stronger and this caused power down and enormous power outages. Hope the residents of this affected are prepared for this disasters.

Super storm Sandy caused a lot of damaged and destroy many, from the floods that causes people to be stranded, strong winds that damaged houses, properties and power outages, heavy rains that keep down pouring.  It was been reported that 10 dead in New York City and several from other state to this Monster Sandy. I know many people are hurting and need help during this situation.

There was a sad report that we had hear that caused from this storm a 8 year old boy that was killed from falling tress and tree limbs and this happens in Pennsylvania and death of a woman in Toronto Canada from falling debris. Hope and pray the families are okay and they can get help and rescue from this calamities and praying for safety for our friends and relative that are on the affected area.

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