Friday, August 24, 2012

Three More Weeks Left Before Summer Ends

Just a quick reminder that three more weeks before summer ends, fall will be here before we know it and school will start again. Summer ends September 21, 2012 we need to make use of the days of what summer left. We cannot enjoy the fun activities outside anymore when summer ends like enjoying the hit of the summer at the beach, go fishing, take a walk and have a picnic at the local park. These are some of the fun activities that we gonna missed this summer.

Summer time is our best time for traveling, fun summer vacation, kid’s fun games, visit families and friends and many others. So if you are not doing that yet and you still have plan to do something fun this summer, you still have three weeks left. You need to look at your schedule and make arrangement of your time and do it.

We did have enjoyed our summer vacation this year we went to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park and visit my sister and her family in Montana, we did have a fantastic vacation. I got to see these gorgeous places here in the US is amazing experiences ever and I am grateful for my husband for that. The good thing is we’re driving that time and I got to see different state here in the US and that’s awesome.

I know you have summer vacation as well, hope you have enjoyable and memorable summer vacation this year. If you don’t you have one yet, you still have three weeks left to do it. There are many fun things that we can do this summer and enjoy life while we can.

Take advantage to enjoy and see the amazing and incredible creation that God has made for us. Visiting and seeing those places that we have visited, well I can really attest that we have wonderful creation that God made for us and what a wonderful world we have.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Games 2012 – At London

Olympic 2012 is the most exciting event for the people and for the whole world this year especially to the sports minded and athletic person or people that love sports and athletic event. Most of the people love sports this is the way that keep people active if you are into sports.

Olympic events and competition will give courage and inspiration to the people and children that are into sports. This will enhance their talents and abilities on whatever sports and talents that they are engage on. We can also give our moral support to these Olympians by following and being a fan for them.
Olympic Games are awesome activities and give people excitement to watch and curious of what country win in the games especially if you follow the entire activities. The more excitement you feel if you know somebody or your families are part or included in the event or in the Olympics games.

We also feel proud and happy if we know that they won the game. I know they will proud of themselves as well and you can see an overwhelming emotions for the winners of how happy they are for their achievements in life. But for the non-winners athletes better luck next time. I know they are still happy that they are part of the competition and enjoy every moment of the event.      

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