Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Summer This Year 2012

We have hot summer this year, this very unusual heat that we have this year. We cannot able to stay long outside, it make us tired and dehydrated quickly. I know we need the heat of the summer but we need to be careful as well. Don’t forget to put sunscreen lotion before you will expose too much to the sun.

Summer is the only time of year that we can be active of our outside chores and activities. But this time of year the heat bothers us much, it was too much heat this year. During this time it is good to be in the water or in the pool all the time to take away the heat and to feel cool of this heat.
Also, this is the time of year that we need cold goodies like ice cream, shakes to cool us down and feel better and to satisfy our thirst from the summer heat. We know that we can get easily thirsty and feel hungry right away especially when we are expose from the heat like the beach, walking, jogging or whatever we do this summer. 

We just need to be in cool place this summer to enjoy this summer season and have unforgettable summer ever.  We have so many places available that we can go to and visit with that make our hot summer made into a cooler and magnificent one. 

Enjoy summer days while we can, stay active and discover many beautiful places around us and have a beautiful summer vacation ever in spite of the too much heat around us this year.

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Happy summer :)
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