Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surfing At Waikiki Can Be A Great Vacation

Hawaii has been and will always be a hot spot for vacations. Waikiki, Hawaii is one of the most popular locations this is not only because of the food, location and hotels. But this is also a well known location for surfing and sun.

There are also many locations in Hawaii where you can get surfing lessons and also get the best surfboard rental waikiki has to offer. Complete with lessons for all, anything from the beginner level to the experienced.

One place that I have seen online that specializes with both surf rentals waikiki and surfboard rental waikiki is called Moku. At Moku you can rent a board starting at a low price of $7.00, they also have a wide selection of both short to long boards for you to choose from. Moku is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is very near the Waikiki beach and one of the most popular surfing and vacation spots in Hawaii.

What I really liked about their shop is that they are located right at the ocean and any of the boards or surfing equipment that you might be interested in purchasing the same can be rented for you to try first. This way you will know if it is right and fits you on when you’re out surfing. Also you will find many different souvenirs like T-shirts that will help you remember your vacation and surf time in Waikiki, Hawaii.

This does not matter if you are a beginner or looking to get a little help with your surfing style. Moku also has surfing lessons that will fit you. All lessons are a full 1 or 2 hour long and for beginners they have a 100% success rate. Also, they have both group and private lessons. This way you can learn the way that fits your style. You will even go home with memories and experiences that will for last a lifetime. Now is the time to have fun and enjoy your vacation. I will watch for you in Hawaii or maybe I will see you at Moku.

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