Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Month of June – Almost Half Year Through

Look, what month we are now? We are already in the month of June. We are almost half year through already. Time is just flying by so fast especially when we are busy, we just really don’t notice till it’s there. We are thankful for the life has to offer with us. We have good times and bad times. But we manage to handle and overcome those life challenges and grateful for blessings that we have every day.

Just a week ago I just celebrated my birthday and I am grateful for that. I have a little gathering for friends here in Michigan and it turn out alright. It’s a lot of work to prepare food and for all the preparation for the gathering but its fun. I don’t mind doing it, just grateful for the gift of life that I am able to enjoy life. As long as I am capable I don’t mind doing it especially if we have the budget to do it, I’d go for it. It makes me tired though right after the gathering but it’s worth it.

I could not make it through without the blessings up above and the special people in my life such my husband and my family. I am grateful for my husband, my family and my mother in-law for the love and support that they have given me and friends that come and celebrate with me that day. Enough for my drama but it is really true.

Now, I’m looking forward for my hubby’s birthday this coming two weeks. I don’t know what and where we going to do to celebrate his birthday. But I know for sure he doesn’t’ like the idea of having a gathering. He likes to celebrate his birthday in a simple way. I bit just me, him and my mother in-law that day. But I have to think and shop for a gift that I can give to him that day.

How about you people? I know schools are over and many people preparing for their outdoor activities and ready for their spring and summer vacations. I am also excited for our vacation plan this third or fourth week of this month. We are going to visit my sister and her family in Montana. I’m so excited to see my niece and nephew. It’s a long drive though but I know for sure we will have good time over there. Hope you will have enjoyable spring and summer time as well, to keep you busy and out of trouble.     

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