Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are We In The Right Direction

We are traveling to Montana to visit my sister and her family. We did have good and fun time traveling and we just drove from our place to their place. It takes a while to arrive there and it takes us three days before we arrive to our destination from Michigan to Montana.  This is really a long drive but I got to experience again to see other state here in the USA.

While we are driving we got to follow the GPS so that we can arrive to our destination. There are times that my husband said that how accurate is the GPS to our direction. But we did look up also to our computer when we have time to stop if we really in the right direction to our destination. We got to look up the map so that we will not get lost and we know where we are at.

Sometimes we slow down driving for the reason that there is only one way each lane because of the road construction and we have speed it up again when there is no road construction so that we can reach to our destination as fast as we could. But we did enjoy the beauty of the sceneries like the mountain, valleys, farm land, watching different cars in the road and many other things that we encounter along the road while traveling.

Our life is this way, while we travel along our journey through life we need to be sure that we are in the right direction so that we will not get lost and we can reach to our destination safely. We have to check once in a while where we are at in our life. Sometimes we have doubts, fears, trials, stumbling block and feel tired along our journey but we still have to move on and keep going so that we can reach to our destination. We have to make it sure that we did the right thing, enjoy our life and appreciate whatever life would bring to us.  

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