Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why We Have Obstacles In Our Plans And Dreams?

There are times or situation in our life that we question why we have obstacles or challenges in our plans and dreams in life? Why is it that our life is not always the way we want it to be? Or there are always obstacles, trials, twist and turns before we can achieve our dreams and goals in life.  I know most of us we have this question in our mind that why there are no success without any sufferings or challenges?

I know we all want our plans and dreams will be achieve without any passing through hassles of obstacles or challenges and the way we want it to be, but life is not that way. We have to understand and realize that our life is not design to be good all the time. We are all to experience bitter, sacrifice and harder way in order for us to learn and grow from what we have experienced. 

I understand that we all want easy life, a life that is full happiness, a bed of roses and we can have all things that we wanted without sacrificing or making any effort. Life is not that way, we need to experience the hard ways so that we can appreciate the good things and for that reason we appreciate life more when we work hard before we can have it.

Have you noticed that when all things seems right we don’t appreciate it and we forgot to thank all of these achievements? What I have noticed is, that the people that don’t have are the people who appreciate and more grateful?  That is the reason why we need to have those challenges and obstacle to learn, to grow and to appreciate and to grateful for everything we have.

Remember if we don’t have obstacles and challenges our life will be boring. We will not try harder because everything is easy. Obstacles and challenges are not design for us to be discourage or to be fail, but for us to have the courage to push through and achieved our dreams and put this into reality. So from now on we should always expect obstacles and challenges along the way of life journey because that is the life should be.We are born to win and overcome obstacles to achieve the pedestal of success.

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