Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make Good Impression In Our Acquaintances

Our look is what expresses ourselves and it will show what moods we are and how we feel that day. We need to be careful with our actions and expressions because this what describes of who we are. There is a saying that first impression last. We don’t want that bad impression from other people. We want good impression so we need to be nice, kind and treat people pleasantly. 

Almost people will always remember on the first time you meet. They will tell you and remember you on what you did that day, your attitudes, your looks and even color of your dress or dress they will still remember. They will remember you more especially if you treat them kindly.

We have to careful to make good expression, conversation and actions with our new acquaintances. We have to watch our actions and expressions so that they will not judge as wrong. We don’t forget to smile and greet them nicely. Smile it doesn’t cost us anything but this adds up our beauty and looks. But sometimes we forgot to wear a smile especially when are not in the mood or we don’t like the looks of the people we meet.

Remember if you smile the world, the world will smiles back at you. Smile is inexpensive way that changes the mood of the day and makes our day even brighter even if you have problems along the way. We will always try to make good impression in our everyday acquaintances and treat our fellow being the way we want to be treated.  

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