Friday, October 7, 2011

How I Wish To Be Genius

Who doesn’t want to be genius like Steve Jobs that has become a millionaire because of his brilliant, incredible and amazing ideas? How I wish I am genius like him but he died earlier in his life. But his worth was 8.3 billion dollars that has left to his family. He died with a sickness of Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs was the person who made Apple into the top of modern generation of innovative technology. When iPod, iPad, iPhone, iThouch and iTunes was out in the market this make a huge of Steve Jobs success and most people are loving to use this amazing technology this what makes him and Apple a great success.

We all have given talents when we are born in this earth. We just need to develop and sometimes how I wish I have that genius talent. But we just keep on trying but I know we are born unique and we are all special to our Maker.

We cannot really tell of someone life or our future. Remember Steve Jobs was a college dropout but he made a difference in his life after he innovates computer into a great products that most of the people admire and what people are looking for. Cool and useable stuff which are the iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iTouch. And there are many people that born in this world with much intelligence and knowledge that in store for them and I really admire those people how I wish I have that kind of brain power.

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