Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Is Almost Over

Waking up this morning with the frost on the ground but that is Michigan life. That means that fall is almost over and winter its own the way. My husband woke up early and showed me this morning how white is the ground, roof and our car that park outside.

The cold weather is here already which we don’t like to have. I don’t mind the snow but I hate the cold, it makes our body aches and feels terrible. We have to wear a bunch of clothes so that we can’t catch up a cold or flu. But I know some people like the cold weather or winter but we don’t.

We need to take our winter clothes out again and we have many dirty clothes to wash this time of a year. But oh well we have to do it or else we get cold. Or we have to find a warm place to visit and get out of the cold winter place for a while. But I love Michigan it is a nice place to live but only during winter that we hate the cold winter time.

Also we have to shovel the snow to get out and driving in the ice is not fun at all. We have to be extra careful when we drive during winter time. I know there are many driving accidents during this time of a year because of the ice that make your car slides or going to the ditch. But we still have little time remaining in autumn season to cherish and enjoy with while winter is not here yet. Enjoy your autumn season as much you do before it’s over and have good week-end every one.


Judy Haughton-James said...

What an awesome autumn picture! I live in Jamaica and we do not see the breathtaking autumn scenes that exist in other countries. We do not have snow here but I have relatives living in several foreign countries. The snow looks beautiful but I know it is very cold and accidents can happen etc. in winter. It gets cooler here but as a tropical country it never gets very cold. My relatives, friends and pen-pals laugh at what I call cold here!:) Take care and have a good weekend.

MharMS said...

I like Autumn too. The cool wind blowing is a relief from the hot summer days :)


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You are from Michigan, too! Sorry you don't like winter, but I love it.

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