Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why We Need A Friend

We all need a friend I hope you agree on me to this. There is a saying that no man is an island, we can’t live without somebody else. Our life is very boring when we don’t have somebody to talk too and run into if we need help, that is why we need a friend. Sometimes there are people that we consider a best friend in our life because there are always there all the time especially when we need them the most.

I know some people don’t like to have a friend because they have hurt by a friend before. But that is why you need to choose a friend that you can depend on and a friend you can trust. People are not the all the same. There are people that are good and bad everywhere so you need to know the person well. But you know we are not perfect as well and we all fall short so we need to learn to forgive also.

I can’t imagine living alone and without a friend in our life. We always need somebody else even in blogging world we do need to have to have a friend so that you can connect people and get traffic to your website. For me friend is really important in our life. We will not be happy and complete without a friend and people around us.

I know also that there are people that they will just call you friend when you have something or they can get something from you and when the time they can get anything from you and they will leave you when they can’t get from you anymore. This is one of the reasons why there are person doesn’t want to have a friend or get involve with somebody because they are already hurt by somebody. I understand their feelings, if they feel this way.

For me I consider my husband as my best friend in my life because he is always there all the time when I needed someone and he is the one who I can depend on and also my family because they are there for you through thick and thin. But I do have a lot of friends also that I can consider them as true friends but there are also I know they just called me friend when they just need me. But I can’t judge them if they are that way I will just try my best to be always good and sincere to them.

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Judy Haughton-James said...

Wonderful message! I am new Follower from the island of Jamaica.

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