Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Have So Much Fun To Do

How was your Labor Day Weekend? Hope you have a wonderful time with your families and friends during Labor Day weekend. We have some fun that week, we have a friend over to join with us go swimming in the pool before summer is over. The wind is cold though but we still have fun swimming and taking pictures even we were shivering with the cold wind but we have good time and fun swimming. The pool is warm but only when we take out from the pool we feel the cold from the wind.

We have some fun and good holiday, hope you do too. I know people are busy already because most of the school starts right after the Labor Day weekend. Some students are excited to go back to school and some do not like to go back to school also. Many mothers or parents are busy these days with their kids going back to school and what’s keeps them busy. I know some parents are excited for their kids going back to school again and some doesn’t or not ready for school time yet.

I know some people are looking forward for the month of September and colorful fall time season. In the Philippines when September starts you can start hearing the Christmas songs and you can see some Christmas decoration already. Our Christmas in the Philippines start early, it start when the month ends with “BER” like September. And everybody is excited for the Christmas season and busy buying gifts for Christmas season.

But here in Michigan when September comes it is pretty much signals that it is the end of summer. We can feel the cooler nights already and we can see some trees are changing colors. Time for picking apples, have a cider and dough nuts in our local orchard here in Michigan. People that are into sports are excited for the football games and people that love to travel are excited and enjoy having their colorful tours this fall. We have so much fun to do and we just have made the best of it while we can.

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Joyce Lansky said...

I hate that summer has ended because I do love my vacations. We have been in school for a full month--no joke.


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