Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Tweaks To Slash Our Energy Bills

In this economy we have to consider slashing our budget a little bit in order to survive. A little energy tweaks helps and surely will add up to a big savings in our budget. Some people are not aware of this but this will make you and I realize how much we will save in the long run and how much cost we lose if we let it happen. These are very simple ways and strategies that will help how to find simple strategies that are very effective on cutting our utilities expenses.

First we need to fix even little drips – Most of us if we notice a leaky faucet may not seem little or not like a big problem but remember that even tiny drips will add up and it counts. You know how much this cost you if you just let it happen or take for granted. Like for example if hot water is trickling out at the rate of 1 drop to 1,600 gallons of water over course of a year. This is like flushing $35 in electricity or natural gas and $3 in water costs that going down the drain.

Second stop rinsing dishes – I know some of us will pre-rinse our dishes before going into our dishwasher. Did you know by skipping the pre-rinse step will save us 6,500 gallons of water plus the energy to heat it and get the cleaner dishes. An appliance designer said that soap needs something to cling to, so food articles actually enhance detergent’s cleaning action. You know that we can save annually $75 just for skipping pre-rinse step of our dishes.

Third is clean the lint trap – To help trim the cost of running the dryer, we need to clean the lint trap after every load. The appliance work s by moving hot air through the wet clothes and venting water vapor outside, so a clear screen will improve the machines efficiency. Just by cleaning the lint trap will help you saves up to $34 annually.

Fourth is switch your TV to “Home Mode” – I know this unfamiliar to most of us on switching mode on our TV. Expert’s said that manufacturers’ ship televisions that are set to the “Vivid Mode” are used in store displays to get the level of the brightness. But we don’t need the level of brightness to get the superior image quality in our home, this is not necessary if we just use in our home. You know how much you can save by doing that switching from Vivid Mode to Home Mode which gives us a savings of $90 to $150 annually which uses 25 percent less power. On how to do just click on the “change mode” option in the menu settings or check the manual.

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