Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Is Always Been A Challenge

Life is always been good but there are times that we have challenges. But I just always try to think this way that through our challenges we will grow and learn from this and without those challenges we will not do our best or try hard. Challenges are what make us of who we are, this will keep us going and we will grow from it. I know everybody has their challenges but in different aspects. We are all have challenges that each and everyone are facing but it is just in different aspect and situation.

Physically – there are people that are born with illness and sometimes we have sickness or health issues because of the food we eat every day and the environment that we live in.

Financially – sometimes we are challenge financially. We don’t have enough income and don’t have work to support ourselves and our family.

Emotionally – there are people that they are not treated well and have emotional problems in their lives.

But we have to remember whatever problem or challenges that we have been facing each day there is always a solution to this. We just need to find ways and don’t forget to ask our God for help because He is always there and willing to help us. We don’t need to lose our hope and we just make the best of our life each day. We just need to deal with this and trust God and believe that there is always sunshine after the storms. We just think that we are fortunate than others, that there are people that are worse than us.

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DorothyL said...

Life can most certainly hand out some difficult hands to play. Once we realize that we are not suppose to have a perfect, and uneventful life, it will be that much easier to accept what does come our way. I we do the best we can with each situation...we have done what we were suppose to do. Be the best you can and know that you can only do your best throughout life and that in itself will help you find a balance ~

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