Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Is Here Already!

Fall is here already, last Thursday is the first day of fall. The colors of the leaves are starting to change and some are falling already. Meaning Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in almost near. We went to the Mall yesterday and we have seen Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration already had been displayed.

My husband said this is very early to put and displayed Christmas stuff. And I told my hubby in the Philippines we have started Christmas decoration and songs in the month of September. But anyways Halloween will come first before Thanksgiving and Christmas.But we have to enjoy first the beauty of fall and start our colorful tour.

We need to enjoy the beauty of the nature and its creation. Love watching the colorful trees and leaves falling. Our life is the same way, when we get older the more it will get colorful because we have the kids and family that give meanings to our life. Even though we feel the aches and pain also but life will always been a good one.

I love the fall season also because the cooler air but not as cold as winter. I remember last fall we have vacation out West and I have a blast watching the nature. I enjoy the colorful tress, mountains, valleys and Rockies. I love that vacation ever, I hope we will do that again. Hope you will have a wonderful time in this fall season. Enjoy the cider, pumpkins, dough nuts and the apples while we can.

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Judy Haughton-James said...

What a beautiful Fall picture! As I am a Jamaican I am fascinated seeing pictures of the awesome breathtaking autumn scenes in foreign countries, autumn decorations and Halloween. We have a lot of pumpkins over here but we use it for soup on Saturdays!:) Saturday is usually a soup day for most Jamaicans. Have a good week and fall.

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