Monday, August 1, 2011

Love To Travel And Cherish Every Moment Of It

We went to Mt. Pleasant Michigan last Saturday July 30, 2011 to attend the 50Th Wedding Anniversary celebration of my husband’s aunt & uncle on the side of his late father. I love it because we have to drive for two hours to get to the place where they held the celebration. We did have a good time meeting my husband’s relatives and cousins.

The good thing also is the travel time that I got to see the green scenery while we were driving. This time of a year I love to see the green trees and plants here in Michigan. This is what I love about this place we got to have four seasons of the year and traveling is fun for me. I love to travel and the same with my husband but the good thing right now that we don’t have kids yet so we can travel this much.

I just reminiscing and remember that we have good time traveling last year during spring time. We went to Niagara Falls in Canada and after three months we went out west part of the USA. That was an awesome year for me traveling. I got to see the falls, Rockies, mountain, valleys and wonderful creation of God that made for all of us.

We went to Colorado Spring it is awesome place to visit. We did have chance to visit the Garden of the Gods and I got to experience to ride in the Cog Railway to get to the Pikes Peak what a marvelous place to visit. It is a blessing and opportunity for me and got to experience to reach to the third highest mountain here in America it was 14,115 feet high and meet some relatives of my husband and friends in Salt Lake City Utah and attend church conference.

We did visit also Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and some other canyon that we pass through while driving and it was fun and incredible experience. And seeing those wonderful creations and visiting those other state it was indeed incredible experience and I did enjoy and don’t mind doing it again in my life.

Seeing and visiting those wonderful places like the mountain, valleys, trees, birds, skies it is really a blessings and opportunities for me that I will always cherish all my life. I really love the rock formation, for me it is really amazing experience and just have seen this first time in my life. What a wonderful thing and experience that I have that time and I will never forget and I will always cherish every moment of it.

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