Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Would You Handle Your Frustration In Life?

I know each and every one of us experience frustration in our life. And how would you handle your frustration in life? Even how rich or poor, smart or dumb, good or bad we experience this even if we don’t like it. There are so many reasons why we become frustrated in our life and there are also many situations that happen this to you and me even good or clever we are.

Reasons for our frustrations when we expect something and it doesn’t happen we get frustrated and when we work hard and others don’t we get frustrated also. We get frustrated when we try so hard and everything seems not right. But you know what this is happens naturally to everyone's life but this is very hard situation to handle when we get frustrated but it is not end of the world.

Frustration is normal to life but sometimes there were times that we can’t control ourselves to get upset and we react negatively. Sometimes there are situations or day that we easily get frustrated and for a woman this might be the hormone. I know not only me or you but other people too. This is part of our life so that we will be challenge to work more and do well more.

But there are times we reacted this frustration badly instead of positive approach. Most of the times, we people we do over react right away and we just realize after it’s over, that the thing we have done it is not right reaction. But sometimes this good thing too so that people will realize and aware that we are not happy of what’s going on and we have to speak up and show our frustration.

But the right thing to do when we have frustration is to control ourselves and bite our tongue instead than hurting somebody’s feelings. We need to control ourselves when frustration arises. I know this is very hard to do but it can be done. I know I need to remember this myself because I know that I have this weakness too that I am easily get frustrated and upset when everything seems not right.

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