Thursday, July 7, 2011

Freedom Is An Opportunity To Have

I know that were done celebrating the July 4th here in the US but still want to share with you my poem about our freedom. We have freedom because somebody fought for it and we have to give thanks and appreciation to those people who fought for our freedom. Freedom is a privilege and opportunity to have. We can do anything we want because of the freedom that we have in our life. This is a great blessings to the people that live in this country to have freedom. There are other places that they don't have freedom that we have here.

We are lucky enough that we have the ability to speak up and do whatever we want to do in our life. We know that we still have soldiers that still fighting for and live their families and set aside their life just to fight for our freedom. I am so proud of them and give thanks to those soldiers and people that put their time and efforts to sustain their country and hoping to win the life's battles. Hope you have a great holiday to celebrate with and remember that who fought this to have this freedom celebration.

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